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Why is Mixed Nuts a Perfect Gift?

Nuts, in general, are a great snacking option as they are filled with essential nutrients and minerals and are hard to resist. This also makes them great for gift-giving, be that to friends, family, or colleagues. But Mixed-nuts is a game-changer when it comes to gifting. Here are our top four reasons why we think you should gift your loved ones a great assortment of mixed nuts for holidays and anniversaries.


Thoughtful Gifts: When you gift someone a box of mixed nuts you are not only sending a message that you care about their health and happiness, you are also implying that they are very special and irreplaceable, much like the perfectly roasted cashew nuts, pistachios, or almonds. And these are perfect for any occasion too. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas or Holidays, there is not an occasion that a bowl of mixed- nuts cannot become part of.


Small Servings: The most amazing thing about nuts is that only a handful of cashews or almonds or walnuts can fill you up and keep you energized for long hours. So even the smallest servings of mixed nuts can be a very wholesome gift.


Mixing it Up: The pure joy of unwrapping a box of mixed nuts to find a grand mix of some of your favourite assortment of nuts is unparalleled. One bite of slightly roasted cashews and the next one delightful pistachio and the next the buttery almond! The surprise in every bite is a gift worth getting!


Build Relationships: Finally, these little bowls of delight are a great way to build relationships. You can simply invite your friends over for a cricket match and fill a bowl of mixed nuts to keep the conversations flowing. Or carry one with you to your new office and share it with your colleagues to build a great rapport. You can even gift your partner a mixed assortment of nuts to simply show you care. Mixed nuts heal and build healthy relationships and healthy bodies.