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Best Sweets with Cashew Nuts and Almonds

We Indians have a real soft spot when it comes to sweets. All our festivals and celebrations mandate the presence of atleast one sweet preparation if not many. And of all traditional Indian sweets, the ones with Cashew Nuts and Almonds are almost always given a special status. Let’s look at some of the delectable treats that can be made using Cashew Nuts and Almonds.

Kaju Katli: This is one of the most popular Indian sweets of all times, also known as Kaju Barfi. This diamond shaped sweet that usually comes wrapped in edible silver foil signifying luxury, is a perfect gift for friends and family, especially during the Diwali season. This sweet is based primarily out of quality cashew nut paste and generous amounts of ghee.

Almond Cashew Barfi: This Indian sweet is another variant of the Cashew Barfi, with a mix of almond paste in the ingredients. Primarily a milk sweet, the Almond Cashew Barfi, also known as badam kaju barfi, is an easy to prepare sweet that can be seen in Indian households during the festival seasons. Like all barfis this weet also uses milk and ghee in generous amounts.

Badam Halwa: This originally South Indian sweet is made from almonds, ghee and sugar. The blanched almonds are transformed into this rich and decadent, melt-in-your-mouth sweet. This is a heavy dessert and just a few spoons will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Kaju Badam Laddu: This sweet delicacy is a more recent invention and highly popular during the festival seasons. Laddoos are essential sweet balls and in this case made out of almonds and cashew nuts. They are a perfect snack to serve guests and are relatively easy to make.