Welcome, how can we help you?

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers and prospective business partners. Let us answer them for you quickly. For any other queries, write to us directly at info@dninenuts.com.
Our processing facility is open 6 days a week, excluding holidays. Our delivery partners also operate 6 days a week, excluding public holidays. But our customer support team will be available all-year-round so that our customers can reach us anytime with any query or concerns they might have.
At DNine, we get our nuts and dry fruits from select growers across India. These communities of farmers are very particular about their farming practices and maintain a sustainable and responsible farming process. This ensures that all the food products are grown naturally and in a manner that does not harm the environment in any way. Their quality has been exceptional for the past two years and has become the main source for DNine.
Roasting nuts is an art that actually sets it apart from other brands. At DNine we have created a unique roasting process that ingeniously avoids using any extra oil or fats. This German-based technology is our patented manufacturing process that makes our nuts very different from others in the market, both in terms of quality and taste.
Of course yes! We are always trying to be more mindful of our customer’s preferences and needs and will accommodate customization requests wherever possible. As one of the largest Cashew nut dealers in Kerala, we offer customization for bulk orders. For more information on the customization of bulk orders, you can write to us at info@dninenuts.com.
Yes, they are. Nuts in general are one of the healthiest snacking options one could go for. But in the case of most brands, they roast nuts with added oils to enhance flavour and aroma, which makes them full a little unhealthy due to all the extra fat and cholesterol. But DNine follows a unique German technology that uses only the natural oils already present in the nuts to roast them, thus making them the healthiest form of roasted nuts that could be snacked upon guilt-free.
We accept all Visa cards, MasterCards and UPI payment channels like Google Pay. We do not accept Cash on Delivery at the moment but might offer you a COD option soon.