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We are already supplying high-quality nuts and dry fruit products in many locations across the world. When you partner with us, you get to become a part of our highly diverse and influential network of retailers and business owners.

All our products are manufactured and packed to meet every export criteria there is in different countries. We have imported multi-layer packaging solutions that guarantee the longest-lasting freshness for our food products.

Every part of our business, starting right from sourcing the raw food products to delivery/supply of packaged goods has been vetted and certified by ISO as meeting all safety, sanitary and quality standards.

Being products with ‘NO ADDED FATS or OIL’ our nuts and dry fruits are uniquely placed and have been noted to be the first choice for customers in matters of health, taste, variety or quality.
DNine has one of the most varied collection of dry fruits and nuts that I have seen. So many flavours to choose from. And the best part is that their products are top quality, from selection of nuts to packaging. I have never come across a ‘bad batch’ and I am sure I never will.
PS Krishnan - Target International
I am a huge fan of DNine nuts. For one, they have some of the most unique flavoured Cashew Nuts that I have seen in Kerala. Very different and delightful. My kids love it.
Sahal Sherif - Bizzaro Uniforms